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Al- Noor Charity Welfare
Category Social Welfare
City West Riffa
Address P.O. Box - 29023, West Riffa
Telephone +973 17665335
Fax +973 17662270
The Al Noor Charity Welfare association was founded in 1997 and is registered in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the Register under social clubs and associations under decree No. 112. The association?s main objectives are:
  • to provide financial and material assistance to needy families and affected
  • construction and renovation of old houses to provide adequate housing for vulnerable families
  • teaching the Holy Quran and its Sciences
  • development of social service through cooperation with all social and educational institutions and public and private
  • to coordinate the efforts of women to contribute to the economic and cultural transformations of the service development process witnessed by the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • work on strengthening ties the Arab and international organizations working in the areas of work of the Assembly
  • The Association shall endeavor to be a link between the needy citizens and people with physical ability or stakeholders in service delivery
  • to hold courses for children to spread Islamic culture and teaching the Koran and religious awareness and social coordination with the civil and governmental organizations concerned with children.

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