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Second Chance Rescue Center
Category Animals
City Manama
Address PO Box 57, Manama
Telephone +973 39629889
The Second Chance Animal Rescue Centre was set up by Tony Waters ('The Dogfather') approximately 10 years ago. With the help of two full time staff and a small team of committed volunteers, the centre currently cares for more than 200 dogs, cats, birds and a ferret; all of these animals have been abandoned, neglected and/or mistreated. The centre is in the grounds of a villa just off the Budaiya highway. Some of the dogs are housed inside the villa while others live in purpose-built kennels in the garden. There is a cattery for domestic cats and another pen for feral cats.
Tony Waters, aka 'The Dogfather', began rescuing and rehabilitating animals about 10 years ago after his daughter started picking up stray animals off the street, taking them to the vet, and bringing them home again. She then left to live in America and Tony has been caring for those and other animals ever since. In the beginning there were just a few animals but soon more and more were being brought to him. People are forever dumping their unwanted animals and Tony's place quickly filled. Today he would love to accept more animals but is fast running out of space. It is hard for Tony to raise money to pay for the animals care and he relies on the generosity of the public for their donations and help.

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