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Bahrain Cancer Society
Category Health
City Manama
Address P. O. Box 1499, Manama
Telephone +973 17233080
Fax +973 17233611
The Bahrain Cancer Society was established in 1989 as a voluntary non-profitable organization. Since that time, the society has worked hard to provide education and information to the public about causes of cancer, cancer treatment, and methods of prevention. The society has also been supporting relevant research studies undertaken by individuals or institute and providing training for individuals participating in the field of cancer prevention.
The society is mostly dedicated to the following issues:
  • Information and education
  • Fund raising
  • Research and Studies
  • Social Activities
  • Cancer Patient Support
Over twenty years, the society has been successful in expanding its membership base to cover a wide range of all those concerned with cancer and its different aspects. It also has organized seminars and workshops to educate patients, medical staff, and concerned officials in order to assume their responsibilities and their role in the fight against cancer.

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